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Customized Service

Leotachi offer customized services.
You can customize your smart mirror according to your needs.

  Customization type:  

  1. Overall shape: rectangular, square, round, special-shaped, etc.
  2.  Overall size: any size is available to match your bathroom space.
  3. Frame material: frameless; aluminum frame; artistic frame, etc.
  4. Panel material: glass mirror; non-mirror glass (black/white)
  5. Display screen size: We will recommend the most suitable display screen size to you according to your customization needs.
  6. Display screen function: touch screen; non-touch screen; 1080P; 4K resolution, etc.
  7. Additional functions: light strip; human body sensing; defog; camera, TV interface, gravity sensing, etc.
  8. System version: Android 9.0/10.0/11.0/12.0/13.0; window system, etc.
  9. Performance: popular chips;
  10. Memory (RAM & ROM): 2+16GB, 4+32GB, 8+64GB, etc.

Just contact Leotachi customer service and tell us the functions and requirements you want, and leave the rest of the technical and feasibility analysis to our professionals.

    Production time:     
Estimated 5-20 working days.

(we will determine the final production time based on specific needs)

    Payment method:    

  1. 100% full payment (production and delivery will be arranged immediately after receiving payment)
  2. 70% advance payment + 30% balance (production will be arranged immediately after receiving advance payment, and delivery will be made after receiving balance payment)

If you have any questions, please contact Leotachi customer service directly.

Quickly Contact - Reply within 24 hours